The Science behind Prana & Intention: Healing our DNA through Mindfulness.

Charged with Intention

Studies have found that biophotons can be altered by intention, which may explain distance healing, the healing of prayer, the laying of hands, and many other modalities once considered “faith healings” with no scientific basis.

According to what is called Bókkon’s hypothesis, intention can produce biophysical images in the brain associated with an increased emission of ultra-weak biophotons. According to the theory, biophotons emitted from the body with intention can interact with other biophotons that are related or entangled with that intention from great distances. This is related to Einstein’s theory of “spooky action at a distance,” in which entangled photons change instantaneously over large distances.

Human skin has been found to be a UPE (biophoton) trapping system, suggesting that humans both emit and receive biophotons, which we now know can be changed or altered by intention and carried over long distances. These UPEs can have therapeutic effects when intention is applied, as seen in the studies with yoga and meditation.

There is much to learn about the power of intention, moving prana, and biophotons, as they all seem to function at the junction where frequencies and quantum particles meet. With intention, these frequencies may be able to change our material world.

Perhaps they are the healing force behind our prayers.

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