The Science behind Prana & Intention: Healing our DNA through Mindfulness.

The Bystander Phenomenon

For decades, researchers have described a phenomenon where cells, and even whole animals, communicate with each other through emission and reception of biophotons. These ultra-weak biophotons are concentrated within DNA and communicate throughout the body and even from species to species energetically through light.

In one study, when a healthy rodent was put in a cage for 48 hours with a rodent who had received a single dose of brain radiation, the non-radiated rodent saw similar or even greater health effects than what was measured in the radiated rodent. How is that possible? The mechanism they attributed this transmission to was biophotons.

Researchers concluded that biophotons appear to communicate with all cells of the body in a synchronous wave of informational energy at the speed of light. Biophotons can manipulate matter, making physiological changes, and physics tells us that these photons can interact and carry information over vast distances instantaneously.

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