The Science behind Prana & Intention: Healing our DNA through Mindfulness.

Prajnaparadha: Ayurveda’s Cause of Disease

The cause of all disease is called prajnaparadha, or the mistake of the intellect. It is described as when the body (the parts) starts to function independently from the field of consciousness (the whole) from which we came. In this case, we forget our true nature as consciousness and start acting separately from the whole, as if we are only particles, and not also waves.

Ideally, the body, mind, and spirit—the manifest and unmanifest aspects of the body, designated by the koshas—function as one whole rather than separate parts.

New research suggests biophotons act as subtle energy carriers that function as noncontact, nonchemical, cell-to-cell communication light particles stored in healthy DNA, which can communicate over long distances in the body. In damaged DNA, the DNA is unable to hold in the biophotons, which results in a 10-20 times increased release of biophotons from the body. As biophotons are released, there has been a measurable increase in free radicals—likely from the DNA damage.

Yoga and meditation practices have been found to lower emission of UPEs and reactive oxygen species (ROS), or free radicals, suggesting that stress reduction practices like meditation and yoga can repair DNA and therefore reduce release of light particles (biophotons) from the DNA.

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