The Science behind Prana & Intention: Healing our DNA through Mindfulness.

What is the relationship of mind and body?

According to Ayurveda, we carry a life force called prana that bridges the physical body and the subtle energies (like mind and emotions). We have various layers (koshas) to our bodies: prana (or life force) hails from the pranamaya kosha, or outermost layer of the subtle bodies. This is surrounded by annamaya kosha, the dense physical body, and surrounds the manomaya kosha, or mental sheath, where the mind and emotions are found.

We see that the prana layer lies between mind and body, making prana that which connects mind and body.

Recently, researchers have discovered subtle energy particles called biophotons or bioelectrons: they are the body’s subtle energy information carriers that many researchers believe are the body’s prana system.

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