The Realistic Ways to Lose 5 Pounds Of Body Fat in Less than 20 Days, Scientifically Proven

One Day Sample Menu To Lose 5 Pounds In 20 Days

Healthiest Menu To Lose 5 Pounds

Follow this diet along with an exercise regimen every day and get your desired body in less than 20 days!

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

  1. A slice of whole grain toast with a boiled egg and a half avocado.
  2. Quinoa with salmon, cucumbers, greens and low-fat sour cream dressing.
  3. A bowl of oatmeal with coconut milk, flax seeds and figs.
  4. Two slices of banana bread and a small bowl of fruit salad.
  5. Two boiled eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes.
  6. A big cup (350 ml) of fruit smoothie.
  7. A slice of whole grain toast with cream cheese and low-fat ham.

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