The Heart-Changing Lesson I learned from all the Messy Stuff Yoga brings to the Surface

Our mind can be our greatest ally or our biggest weakness—especially when we ignore our heart and let our mind control us.

In my life, I’ve learned that the path to love is actually found by forging a stronger connection with our heart—who we are—and taming our ego and emotional impulses. Until we’re connected to our heart, beyond trying to get a partner or lust our way to romance, we will continue to act out our subconscious patterns and respond in fear.

The ego sabotages us with negative thoughts and beliefs like “I can’t,” and keeps us trapped in our fears and conditioning. It keeps us trapped behind the walls we’ve developed around our heart. Yet, we all can learn how to break free from this conditioning and foster a loving and secure relationship with ourselves, our true heart, and others.

When I found hot yoga, I was in a chaotic time in my life and was subconsciously craving change. Finding this community, through CorePower Yoga classes, helped me find a sense of home, a place where I felt safe and supported.

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