The 4 Keys to Releasing Sh*tty Emotional Patterns for Good (& why Yoga isn’t always Enough).

3. Posture

Can I let you in on a secret? Posture plays a tremendous role in how we feel. This is a major reason why regular exercise is critical to a healthy emotional state, as it gives us the muscle tone to have the upright, open posture of confidence we so greatly desire.

Posture is a powerful tool for putting us into emotional states, negative or positive.

Here’s what I mean: if I asked you to mimic a depressed person, what would you do? Slump your shoulders. Angry person? Wide eyes, tense jaw, open chest, clenched fists. Happy person? Smiling face, relaxed shoulders, receptive posture. Do we smile because we are happy, or are we happy because we smile? While this might feel like a chicken/egg question, research has shown that we can trigger emotional states through actions like smiling or frowning.

If you find yourself struggling with repeated emotional patterning, it’s likely you are struggling with physical patterning as well.

Our posture is intimately connected to our emotional state, and that’s awesome. Why? Because we can use posture to help achieve the emotional state we want. Start paying attention to the posture you choose when going into a negative spiral, and radically change it. Feeling angry? Shake it like a Polaroid picture and let that tension go! Feeling sad? Put the biggest, most ridiculous grin on your face and force yourself to laugh.

Sound and look crazy? Who gives a sh*t! What’s even crazier is living your life in a state of misery when you could be living in bliss.

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