The 4 Keys to Releasing Sh*tty Emotional Patterns for Good (& why Yoga isn’t always Enough).

So here they are—the four keys to releasing our sh*tty emotional patterns:

1. Prakruti

Prakruti is a Sanskrit word used to describe your constitution at birth.

Each mind-body type of vāta, pitta, and kapha has different requirements to achieve balance, and come with emotional markers to let us know what is in and out of balance.

Healthy: free flowing, spontaneous, unattached, the creative
Unhealthy: anxious, fearful, unable to make choices, constant waffling

Healthy: committed, focused, inquisitive, the team leader
Unhealthy: critical, angry, fanatical, bullheaded

Healthy: generous, loving, compassionate, the caregiver
Unhealthy: lethargic, attached, greedy, unyielding

Correct understanding of your constitutional needs is like having the manual to your car—with it, everything is obvious, so you don’t make silly mistakes like pouring coolant into the wrong tank. But trying to figure out even simple things without it can be beyond frustrating, like “where is my fuse box?” or “what does that light on my dashboard mean?!”

To save ourselves some stress and confusion, learn about these concepts and apply them to your diet and lifestyle to help you achieve balance.

The takeaway: Never underestimate the power of diet and lifestyle to seriously f*ck you up.

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