The 4 Keys to Releasing Sh*tty Emotional Patterns for Good (& why Yoga isn’t always Enough).

Like so many people in the world of yoga, natural healing, and meditation, my initial draw to these arts was rooted in a deep-seated desire to become “happy.”

“Surely if I find a guru, all my problems will be solved.” 
“If I do yoga every day, I will become emotionally balanced.” 
“If I eat right, everything else will fall into place.”

These are all routes I’ve traveled down with varying degrees of success. While the aforementioned activities have been wonderful for my overall health, it often felt like the results were short-lived. I would go to a yoga class, feel great, then find myself wandering back into the same dark places of negativity and self-criticism I struggled with for many years. I was beyond frustrated and didn’t know what to do to create the emotional peace I was so desperately seeking.

The truth is that I was falling back into physical and mental patterns without even realizing it, and one activity alone was not enough to change this.

Then one day, it happened. I finally pieced together the four keys to long-lasting happiness and mastery over our emotional state. Our happiness need not be a prisoner to the circumstances that life is offering and should be ushered back into the realms of our control and responsibility, stat. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling hopeless about our negative emotional patterns, and that’s why I’m sharing these concepts—because we all deserve to shine.

Please note, these tips are not magical pills we can take to solve all our problems. They are tools that serve to guide us on the path to getting and staying awesome, healthy, and happy—if we so choose. The power is in our hands.

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