My Spiritual Awakening: How I Quit Dieting for Good

My motto is “Live Free or Diet.” I stopped dieting and my consciousness and awareness expanded. My energy and creativity started to flow as well. I could finally see diet culture for how it was holding me back. I could see how external forces were influencing and controlling my decisions.

I could see how I had given my power away and how I was exhausting myself trying to satisfy unattainable ideals.

Instead, I am learning to follow my instincts. I am learning to listen to my inner guidance. I am learning how to stop living only in my head. I am learning how to trust my body. I am learning how to open and let love lead the way. I already have everything I need inside me. I am letting it be easy.

Is fear and restriction blocking your flow? Do you want more joy, energy and vitality? What if your weight wasn’t a problem and you stop spending all your time and energy trying to fix it? What more might be available to you in life?

Are you ready to find out?

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