My Spiritual Awakening: How I Quit Dieting for Good

Nothing blocks evolutionary progression more than resistance or doing things that make us feel bad. No matter what spiritual guru we read or listen to, they will all say some variation on the idea that life should be easy and that it’s important to focus on the things we love to do.

Dieting is not easy and I’m not sure I know of anyone who loves to do it.

Dieting is about rigid control and doing things we may not want to do. It’s about restriction and force, and for many it comes from a place of hatred and self-loathing. Does anything good ever come from hatred and self-loathing?

When we feel bad about our bodies it’s because there is a discrepancy between the judgment we are making about ourselves (that is negative) and our deep inner wisdom which knows we are perfect in our imperfection.

Our inner wisdom knows that we are worthy no matter what.

So even if dieting weren’t going to fail biologically, which it does 95 percent of the time—it would definitely fail spiritually and energetically because the body and mind don’t like to do things that make them feel bad and because they don’t believe there is anything wrong in the first place.

Dieting fails because it represses our essential, true loving nature and pits us against ourselves in a battle we can’t win without also losing.

Our physical body is thrilled to be here on Earth and just wants to get started and see what’s going to happen. It thrives on scrumptious food and sensual movement. It wants to celebrate. It is beyond excited to have this chance to check things out on this planet and have experiences using all of the senses.

But our ego is scared and small and trying to keep us safe. And diet culture says “big” bodies are not safe and our parents say it and our relatives say it and our friends say it. So we turn against ourselves—no matter what body size we have—in fear of what might happen. We want to be safe and we want to belong at all costs.

Bodies and souls thrive on allowance and permission and whatever goes with the flow, not what stops it. A diet is like a dog run in the backyard—we might think we are free and have room to move around but we are still tied up and will never get very far.

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