Most Effective Workouts Top Trainers Do When They Only Have 15 Minutes

Squat digs and bicep curls


“Because strength training is also a crucial component of any health/weight loss/fitness program, I like to combine HIIT with a little strength when I’m short on time,” Gallagher says. A sample of a HIIT workout she likes to use is: 1 minute of squat digs –squat, then stand up quickly reaching hands into air, tiptoes. Then use two dumbbells and do 16 squat bicep curls.

Burpees and plie squats


Do one minute of burpees, ollowed by 2 dumbbells plie squats into upright row to engage the inner thighs, glutes and shoulders, Gallagher says. Do at least 10 reps. This is one set. Repeat as many as you can in 15 minutes. To do plie squats correctly, open your legs wide to the side. Your toes should be pointing outward as well. Bend you knees as low as you can. Stay in a straight vertical line and hold that position for a few seconds.

Speed skaters and surfboarders


The Speed Skater exercise works your legs, inner thighs, shoulders and core, Gallagher says. You are going to lunge from side to side reaching across to touch one hand, holding a heavy dumbbell, near the opposite foot. Follow this set with surfboarders. “Jump 180 with one arm down, one arm up, like a surfer,” Gallagher adds. Try two dumbbells. “Jump down into a squat, then jump up to standing, press dumbbells overhead and complete 3 triceps overhead extensions,” she says. Do 16 reps. This exercise works the lower body and the triceps.

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