Most Effective Workouts Top Trainers Do When They Only Have 15 Minutes

At home/no equipment training


This is perfect when you haven’t got time for anything but still want to raise a sweat, McLean says. Start with 10 pushups, followed by side planks. Hold for at least 15 seconds on each side. Then do 20 bodyweight squats. You can try and make this functional exercise more challenging, if your body can handle it. As with the resistance training, rest for one minute after each set and do as many as you can in 13 minutes.

Cardiovascular training


“Do a 2-minute walk/warm up, then a 15-second sprint followed by 15 seconds of rest,” McLean says. “Repeat this cycle for five work/rest intervals. Then cool down for 2-3 minutes,” he adds. This can be done on treadmill, track, bike, rowing machine or the elliptical. It can be a weight loss machine if you use it for more than a cardio exercise. Increase the intensity and adjust the resistance. Higher speed for a shorter period of time means more fat burn.

15-minute depletion workout


This is a short but effective routine that Ben Boudro, Strength & Conditioning Specialist and owner of Xceleration Sports, always falls back on. “It’s simple, to the point and I can do this anywhere,” he adds.  Start with 10 split squat jumps. Then do 10 pushups (elevate your feet to make the exercise harder), followed by 10 V-ups. Pick up the intensity after this first set. Do 20 of each, then 30, then 20 again, and finish with 10 reps. You can see the routine in this video.

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