Fitness Guru Reveals 5 Powerful Ab Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk (But You Are Not DOING)

5. Leg Pull-Ins

A bit harder version

Leg Pull Ins is a desk ab workout affecting your lower abs. Normally, it is done by using an exercise bench, but it can be performed by sitting on your chair. Extend your legs out straight by sitting on the front edge of the chair. Grab the edges of the chair that will be behind your buttocks. Now start lifting your legs around 6 inches from the floor and slightly lean back. Once you are in this position, start pulling your knees into your chest when you lean forward. Now repeat this by extending your legs back out squeezing your knees into your chest forcefully.

Do 3-4 sets of these exercises and you will have a complete office ab workout at your desk. Do not underestimate the power of these moves! You will feel the burn in your stomach for sure.

Here is 2 sample routines from which you can learn a few other stomach exercises at your desk.

And here is a sitting ab workout.

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