Dunkin’ Buddy: A Magnetic Cookie Dunker That Slides Down Your Glass

Quite similar to the Oreo dunking spoon that allows you to dunk your Oreo cookie into milk with a spoon that carefully wraps around the cookies edge, the Dunkin’ Buddy is a device that attaches to the side of your drinking glass filled with milk and with the power of magnets, is able to lower your cookie into the milk. The cookie is placed in a container on the inside of the glass, and that container is held up by a magnet that’s placed on the outside of the glass.

To dunk your cookie into the milk, simply lower the handle on the outside of the glass, and your cookie will lower with it by being attached to the magnet. Once dunked for long enough to soak up the milky goodness, simply raise the magnet and your cookie will be waiting for you at the top of the glass above the milk line.

Dunking Buddy - Magnetic Cookie Dunker

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