Bring Your Walls to Life with Trendy and Innovative Wallpics Photo Tiles, Home Decorating Tips

How long does Wallpics last?

The photo boards of Wallpics are made with premium-quality items that not just make the boards look elegant and top-class but also enable them to stay in top shape for a long period of time. Especially, the stick pads attached on the back of these tiles last for years. And, in case of a wear out, Wallpics allows the customers to get a replacement for free.

Try this amazing application yourself. Simply download it on iTunes and Play Store or find us on Facebook and Instagram. Be among those lucky people that enjoy their warm atmosphere at home created by Wallpics application.


Give your walls the attention that they deserve by putting up wallpics on them. These photo boards are a perfect addition to the home décor that reflects your personal style. Reasonably priced, simple to use and made with premium-quality items, Wallpics are worth your attention and their services are also top-notch, so if you need any assistance after receiving the order, you can always drop an e-mail. So, go ahead and try Wallpics to brighten up bare walls.

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