Bring Your Walls to Life with Trendy and Innovative Wallpics Photo Tiles, Home Decorating Tips

How to use Wallpics to bring walls to life?

Wallpics can single-handedly bring empty walls to life. The sheer presence of photo tiles showcasing the personal favorite moments on one’s life can breathe life into the walls. Furthermore, using Wallpics is rather straightforward. You just need to remove the protective cover from the stick pads and stick the tiles on the wall.

Style them in any way you prefer. Fill up the entire wall with these tiles to create your own gallery wall that exhibits the prominent moments from your past. Alternatively, you can team wallpics with other wall décor products to create an attractive artwork that enhances the aesthetic beauty of the house.

How much does the entire process cost?

From ordering Wallpics to putting them up on the walls, the entire process is reasonably priced. You will have to place an order for a set of three pictures that would cost you $45. Adding additional pictures to the order will cost you $9. The shipping, on the other hand, is free of cost for customers living in the US. However, the international customers may have to pay a certain amount for shipping, this amount varies from country to country.

That is the only price you will have to pay for the entire process. As putting up wallpics is extremely simple and does not require any additional item such as nails or screws or expert help. Just peel off the protective layer from the stick pads and dress up the walls with incredibly stylish photo tiles from Wallpics.

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