8 Annoying Child Habits That Are Actually Normal, According to A Psychologist

5. Doesn’t want to listen to you

8 Annoying Child Habits That Are Actually Normal

In the morning, you have to drop your child at their kindergarten class and go to work. But they have different plans: they throw their breakfast, run, scream, and don’t want to brush their teeth. Not the best time for drama, right?

What happens:

According to psychologist John Gottman, children’s naughtiness is their invitation to play. For babies, playing is the main way for them to discover the world. Your child wakes up full of energy and you shouldn’t blame them if your plans differ.

What to do:

Reconsider your schedule. You might want to try to wake up earlier to have time to play with your child. If this option doesn’t suit you, try to understand them and let them play at least for 15-20 minutes.

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