8 Amazing Books That Every Entrepreneur Should Read in 2019

The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing, by Thomas T. Nagle and Georg Müller

Maybe this isn’t the sexiest book title. But, pricing and profitability is something every entrepreneur likely wants to know more about.

There’s a lot more to pricing strategy than just figuring out how to cover costs. This book teaches the reader how to make strategic pricing decisions to positively affect value perceptions and shift demand.

The Creative Curve, by Allen Gannett

A lot of people wouldn’t consider themselves “creative”. According to Allen Gannett, creativity is not exclusive – under the right circumstances, anyone can be creative. The art of creativity lies in mastering and following the laws of the creative curve.

Allen does a phenomenal job of exploring creativity and providing tangible advice for how to spark more creative moments in your life. It is the perfect blend of real-life examples, paired with interesting nuggets of creatives using the “creative curve”.

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