8 Amazing Books That Every Entrepreneur Should Read in 2019

Business modeling, marketing, and building morale emerge as key themes for business leaders to focus on.

It’s been stated that most CEO’s read four or five books per month. That’s a lot of reading. Maybe you don’t have quite that much time to devote to reading but are still interested in finding a couple engaging business books to add to your “must read” list next year.

With the upcoming holiday break, it’s the perfect time to dive into a new book and begin learning a new skill or maybe just find some extra inspiration as we enter the New Year.

Here are a few of my favorite business and entrepreneurship books you should consider reading in 2019.

Lost and Founder, by Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin’s book takes a refreshing look at the life of a tech startup CEO. Spoiler alert: it’s not all unicorns, rainbows and gumdrops.

He pulls back the curtain on what it’s really like to battle for success in the startup world. His advice is sound and can be applied to any type of business, no matter the size or industry.

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