7 Ingenious Ways To Drop Body Fat And Gaining A Slimmer Tummy By Next Week

Goodbye, Salt! Hello, spices!

High-salt diets lead to water retention. Cut the salt, and you cut the bloat. Cut out processed foods as much as possible and you will drastically reduce your excess sodium. Food items like salad dressings and sauces are some of the worst culprits. Conversely, spices enhance the flavor of what you’re heating, and can help burn more calories after your meal. Sprinkle some cayenne pepper, bell pepper or jalapeno into two of your daily meals and increase your metabolism.

Eat whole foods

Whole foods give you the cleanest fuel for your body. When you want to shed all you can, you want to avoid anything processed. Instead, keep raw vegetables, fruits, whole grains and proteins like cold water fish, beans, and eggs handy if you want to shed 5 pounds fast. Also, limit your fat intake to “healthy fats” only, which include – olive oil, nuts and avocados. Eat “good” fat helps burn fat.

Get on a detox plan

One of the biggest weight loss mistakes that many women make and thus not able to lose their belly flab is that they overcomplicate things. With weight loss, often times, simplicity is best.

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