7 Difficult Times in Life to seek a Healing Retreat.

Reason #3: We want to break old habits or addictions.

When our cravings take hold, they always seem bigger than us, right?

Having fought my own sugar demons, I know how hard this battle can be. Particularly when we are surrounded by all of our usual triggers and temptations.

To break old habits and addictions, the key is to become the boss of them.

And this is where retreats shine—they take us out of our familiar environments and interrupt old patterns and routines.

Retreats give us a chance to make invaluable distinctions and experience new ways of being. And most importantly, we feel reconnected with our inner power and strength.

This can allow us to develop and grow into the best version of ourselves.

Reason #4: We are healing from a painful event.

Has a difficult emotional experience taken the wind out of your sails?

Perhaps you’ve been through a painful breakup? Or maybe lost someone close to you? Maybe life has squeezed you so hard that you weren’t even sure if you’d make it through to the other side?

Life can be messy. No doubt about it.

The beauty of retreats is that they hold us in a kind, loving, and supportive atmosphere. This can make it much easier to create the sacred space necessary to release our pain, tend to our wounds, and heal our heavy hearts.

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