7 Common Mistakes We Make When Choosing Clothes That Stop Us Looking Our Best

Large prints with horizontal elements

7 Fashion Mistakes We All Make

Large prints make you look heavier and wider, whilst sandals with long laces going up your legs make you appear shorter. On the other hand, a sharp neckline and a slit in your skirt can make you look taller. Take care to select things made with just one color, and choose shoes that are close to your skin tone. This will also help you look taller and slimmer.

A boat neckline

7 Fashion Mistakes We All Make

A boat neckline on a dress can give the impression that you’re a lot heavier than you really are, whereas a V-shaped neckline with cleavage can make you look truly elegant. Remember how we advised you to avoid clothing with additional folds? Pay attention to how much wider the waist appears in the left-hand image here.

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