7 Cases When We Get a Fake Instead of Our Favorite Food

3. Pastries with natural food coloring

7 Cases When We Get a Fake Instead of Our Favorite Food

Always read the list of ingredients when buying pastries. For example, if a scone is labeled “tomato,” its list of ingredients should include tomatoes.

If the list of ingredients is okay but the color looks strange, it’s best to not buy this product. Good pastries are not supposed to look as if they were dipped into a bucket of paint.

4. Locally produced chicken

Here are some common myths about chicken:

1. High-quality chicken has yellowish skin.

The truth:

  • Manufacturers can feed chickens with corn or special food with supplements to get the “right” color.
  • A more simple way is to just paint the skin with turmeric.

2. High-quality chicken is small and takes a long time to boil.

The truth:

  • The weight and the amount of meat depend on the breed. It doesn’t matter what the breed is as long as it was raised in the right conditions.

3. The body of the “right” chicken smells like burned skin because the feathers are burned off.

The truth:

  • It depends on the production method. Any chicken feathers can be burned or not.

What you can do:

  • Find a good farmer you trust.
  • Stop eating chicken and eat more rabbit and turkey meat.
  • Buy chicken in good supermarkets that have a good reputation.

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