7 Cases When We Get a Fake Instead of Our Favorite Food

1. Red caviar

7 Cases When We Get a Fake Instead of Our Favorite Food

It’s not that difficult to identify a fake product:

  • A container made of glass is way better than a can. So, always buy caviar in a glass container.
  • A grain of caviar is actually an egg. So, it shouldn’t look like a sphere. In the middle, you should be able to see fat and a fetus. If you don’t see anything like that, the caviar is fake.

2. Soy sauce

Natural soy sauce is tasty and healthy and the fake version can be really dangerous. You can tell a fake one from a real one in a store. Here are some basic rules:

  • Ingredients. The more components and taste enhancers there are, the faster you should put the bottle back on the shelf. In order to make natural soy sauce, you need water, soybeans, salt, and wheat.
  • Color. In many cases, natural soy sauce is brown or light brown. A dark liquid that looks more like a syrup probably has nothing to do with soy sauce. On the other hand, there is no one single recipe for all Asian countries.
  • Price. Making soy sauce is a long process. High-quality soy sauce isn’t cheap.

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