50% of the Quality of Your State of Mind Depends on Your Posture

  1. The Lotus Position

There are basically three types of lotus meditation postures: the quarter lotus, the half lotus and the full lotus.

The quarter lotus position is relatively simple. While sitting on a cushion, pillow or mat, you “cross” your legs by placing your right foot on your left calf. Make sure your knees are lower than your hips. This pose is highly recommended.

The half lotus takes the quarter lotus a step further. Here again, the left foot is close to the pelvis but the right foot is closer to the trunk than with the quarter lotus and rests on the left thigh.

The full lotus is quite challenging until you get the hang of it – which may or may not happen depending on how limber you are. You start with your right foot on your left thigh and then bring your left foot up to your right thigh. It feels pretzel-like at first, but meditators and yoga buffs who are comfortable with this posture find that it naturally supports their alignment and meditation.

  1. The Seiza Position

Meditating while kneeling is also an option. In Japan, the seiza pose is a popular Zen Buddhist meditation posture that involves kneeling on a mat. The use of a pillow, cushion or meditation bench under the buttocks helps support the spine and takes pressure off of the knees.

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