44 Promising Enterprise Startups to Stake Your Career on In 2019

Zipline: using drones to deliver medicine

Zipline: using drones to deliver medicine

Zipline CEO Keller Rinaudo

 Jin S. Lee/Business Insider

Valuation: $620 million
Total raised to date: $113.3 million
Year founded: 2011
HQ: Half Moon Bay, CA

What it does: Uses drones to deliver life-saving medical supplies to rural communities in Rwanda and around the world.

Why it’s hot: Although Amazon introduced the idea of drone deliveries to the world in 2013, and Google is working on the same, Zipline has already created the world’s largest fully autonomous delivery system, proving the concept while saving lives.

CEO Keller Rinaudo recently spoke at Business Insider’s Ignition conference — Watch the full session here.

Bright Machines: building a smarter factory robot

Bright Machines: building a smarter factory robot

Amar Hanspal, CEO of Bright Machines

 Amar Hanspal/Twitter

Valuation: $679 million
Total raised to date: $229 million
Year founded: 2018
HQ: San Francisco

What it does: Bright Machines is using machine learning to create a smarter factory robot.

Why it’s hot: The company was spun out of robotic manufacturer Flex and came into being as a full-fledged company equipped with 300 employees. It then proceeded to raise a healthy $179 million round of funding from Eclipse Ventures.

And it’s run by Armar Hanspal, who previously served as Autodesk co-CEO with Flex CEO Mike McNamara and Seagate CEO Steve Luczo on the board.

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