44 Promising Enterprise Startups to Stake Your Career on In 2019

Snyk: hunting through your software for threats

Snyk: hunting through your software for threats

Snyk cofounders Danny Grander, Guy Podjarny, and Assaf Hefetz


Valuation: $100 million
Total raised to date: $32.04 million
Year founded: 2015
HQ: London

What it does: Snyk automates the process of finding and fixing vulnerabilities in open source software. In other words, it will continuously keep a lookout for security issues — and fix them.

Why it’s hot: This year, Snyk raised $22 million on a $100 million valuation. As breaches and vulnerabilities become more common and continue to make headlines, more venture capitalists are investing in security. What’s more, there’s more investment in open source startups now. Since Snyk’s technology focuses on security for open source software, it’s a score for both fields.

Kustomer: a new take on customer support

Kustomer: a new take on customer support

Kustomer CEO Brad Birnbaum


Valuation: $121 million
Total raised to date: $38.5 million
Year founded: 2015
HQ: New York

What it does: Offers cloud customer support software.

Why it’s hot: Kustomer is the latest company founded by Brad Birnbaum, formerly co-Founder of Assistly, which was acquired by Salesforce and became Desk.com. It’s last round of funding included an investment by Cisco.

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