44 Promising Enterprise Startups to Stake Your Career on In 2019

Plaid: up-and-coming fintech startup

Plaid: up-and-coming fintech startup

Plaid cofounders Zach Perret and William Hockey


Valuation: $2.65 billion
Total raised to date: $309.3 million
Year founded: 2012
HQ: San Francisco, CA

What it does: Plaid provides online verification services for financial institutions like banks and stock-trading firms.

Why it’s hot: Plaid is an up-and-coming fintech startup that landed a jaw-dropping $250 million funding round led by veteran Kleiner Perkins investor Mary Meeker. Although Plaid didn’t pull in the full $3 billion valuation it wanted, the round was still a big vote of confidence, Sources told Business Insider that Plaid was on track to do $70 million in annual revenue and investors have tripled its valuation in a mere six months.

UiPath: making robots real

UiPath: making robots real

UiPath CEO Daniel Dines


Valuation: $3 billion
Total raised to date: $449.23 million
Year founded: 2005
HQ: New York

What it does: UiPath offers artificial intelligence software that helps companies automate tasks.

Why it’s hot: UiPath’s mantra is to provide “one robot for every person,” which means they promise to double a company’s workforce without hiring more people, shifting people from repetitive tasks to more complex ones.

Founded in Romania before moving to New York, UiPath is a VC darling. It raised two giant rounds in 2018 alone, climbing from a $1.1 billion valuation to $3 billion. It says that its annual revenue run rate has hit $150 million and believes it is the fastest growing enterprise software company in history.

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