44 Promising Enterprise Startups to Stake Your Career on In 2019

GitLab: an uncontested leader in DevOps

GitLab: an uncontested leader in DevOps

GitLab founders Dmitriy Zaporozhets and Sid Sijbrandij


Valuation: $1.12 billion
Total raised to date: $165.82 million
Year founded: 2011
HQ: San Francisco

What it does: GitLab is used for project planning to help developers collaborate on code, as well as managing and monitoring code.

Why it’s hot: Forrester named GitLab as the leader in continuous integration or continuous development — practices that allow developers to test and push code to customers faster and more often. DevOps, a term that combines development and operations, is where investors want to throw their money, and GitLab easily blazes the trail in that space. Just look at this past year: in September, GitLab closed $100 million in a round led by Iconiq Capital, and just three months later, Goldman Sachs investedanother $20 million.

Illumio: busting hackers when they strike

Illumio: busting hackers when they strike

Andrew Rubin, CEO, Illumio

 LinkedIn/Andrew Rubin

Valuation: $1.18 billion
Total raised to date: $267.5 million
Year founded: 2013
HQ: Sunnyvale, CA

What it does: Illumio does something called “application security” which involves watching the applications to make sure they aren’t doing anything they are not supposed to do, indicating a hacker or a virus.

Why it’s hot: Illumio fast growth propelled it to “unicorn” status — startups valued at $1 billion or more — just six month after it came out of stealth mode. In 2018, the company says it is still growing fast, increasing its bookings, aka revenue under contract, by 300%, it said.

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