19 TV Couples Who Were Ultimate Relationship Goals

16. Jessica and Louis from Fresh Off the Boat.

“They are the definition of a power couple. Two Chinese immigrants who worked very hard to achieve success and are devoted parents with endless support for each other. One is a successful restaurant owner and one is a realtor, but they never compete for dominance. Everything they do is for each other and their kids.

They make decisions together, they bounce ideas off each other and they communicate.”


17. Santana and Brittany from Glee.

“I shipped them from season one until the end. They’re my favourite couple, and the most realistic Glee pairing in my opinion. They both had several feelings of sexual confusion, and I think that’s something that a lot of teens can relate to.”


“It’s rare that you find true love that stems from being best friends. The fact that Brittany was there for Santana and pushed her to be the best version of herself was amazing.”


18. Claire and Phil from Modern Family.

“They’re the ultimate definition of “opposites attract.” His happy-go-lucky personality bounces off her type-A style perfectly. He keeps her calm while still keeping things interesting, and she helps bring him back down to earth and keeps his reality in check.”


19. Maggie and Glenn from The Walking Dead.

“They showed that they were rock solid during the time they were separated and desperately searching for each other. Their reunion made me sob!”


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