18 Confusing Things Women Say To Men And What They Really Mean


Smokescreens are an even more advanced form of doublespeak where a worldly and convenient excuse is added as to why a woman can’t see you anymore.

16. Her: “My sister is gravely ill and I just don’t have time to be in a relationship right now or to give you the attention you deserve.”

Reality Check: White on rice… White. On. Rice.   


17. Her: “My social anxiety is keeping me from having a good attitude around you and from wanting to be with you.”

But the reality is if she had medium to high interest, you would be the one she wants to be social with!

18. Her: “The long distance is just too much for me and I’ll miss you too much.”

But the reality is if she had medium to high interest,she would do whatever it took to be near you. When women are truly interested, regardless of what else is going on in their world, THEY WANT TO BE AROUND YOU!

Interest Level cuts through all for women.

^ Read this again ^

It’s why women date jerks. It’s why they go from being all over you in the beginning to thinking sεχ is a chore as the months and years go by. It’s how they go from docile, submissive creatures that worship the ground you walk on, to the nagging, obnoxious, moody “ball and chains.”

And the saddest part, is it doesn’t have to be this way. A woman’s romantic interest level reacts to the same traits in men every time!


Back to the confusion. You probably freakin’ hate it when people don’t tell you the truth right?


Women don’t openly come out and tell you they don’t like you for any or all of the following reasons:

1. They may have low to average self-esteem.
2. They don’t like feeling guilty and breaking someone’s heart. Who does?
3. They don’t understand why they don’t like you when they should due to societal expectations.
4. Finally, most guys will beg, get creepy, or say spiteful things when they get rejected.

This one is near totally on men and our fragile egos and preconceived societal notions on what dating should be like.

The good news is women with high interest don’t send mixed signals.

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