18 Confusing Things Women Say To Men And What They Really Mean

APPROACH REJECTION (She’s not attracted to you physically, emotionally, or both)

1. You: “Can I have your phone number?”

Her:  “Why don’t you give me your number/email/twitter/snapchat/instagram instead?”

Really means: “What’s the nicest way I can get rid of you while avoiding the awkwardness of rejection?

Reality check: When they like you, they make things easy for you, which means no problem giving you their number!

2. Her: “Here’s my email address,” or “Here’s my business card,” or “I’ll give it to you later.”

​Really means: ^ Same as above ^


3. Her: “Mmm. I don’t think of you that way.”Really means: “In the physical attraction way.

4. Her: “I’ll think about it.”

Really means: “Never gonna happen.


5. Her using the words: “Maybe”, or “busy.”

  • Really means: “Maybe is a “no,” and “I’ll always be busy for you.Reality check: Women rarely say the words “no.” for the following reasons:
  • They don’t want to come off as rude
  • They don’t want to hurt your feelings
  • They’d rather avoid the awkwardness
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