16 Christmas Movie Locations That Exist in Real Life

Selfridges department store, London

Selfridges department store London

London is another great Christmas movie city and the setting for perhaps the greatest holiday tale ever, A Christmas Carol. But the film that captures modern London in all its seasonal finest is 2003’s Love Actually. With various filming locations around the city, one of the most hilarious scenes occurs at the famous department store Selfridges, where Alan Rickman tries to buy a necklace only to be delayed with the overzealous gift wrapping of salesman Rowan Atkinson. “What are you going to do next, dip it in yogurt?” he asks.

Deerfield, Massachusetts

Deerfield Massachusetts

Watching the 1994 version of Little Women has become a holiday tradition thanks to several key scenes that take place at Christmastime, including the opening sequence, which was filmed in Historic Deerfield standing in for Concord. Although most of the movie was shot in Canada, where a replica set of Orchard House was built, the Massachusetts establishing shots lend authenticity and a feel of classic Americana to the movie. You can also visit the actual Orchard House, where author Louisa May Alcott lived, set, and wrote Little Women, in the real Concord.

Starved Rock State Park, Illinois

Starved Rock State Park - Winter scenery

Did one of Santa’s reindeer really fall from the sky? Eight-year-old Jessica (Rebecca Harrell) thinks so when she finds the wounded animal in the sweet 1989 film Prancer. Eventually, she’s able to send him off to reunite with St. Nick, in scenes shot over the majestic stone formations of Starved Rock State Park in Illinois. “I remember being scared because we were up so high and we were filming right at the edge of that cliff (Lovers Leap and Devil’s Nose),” Harrell said in a 2013 interview. “I got to do a lot of my own stunts. I got to jump over this crack in the rock.” Additional locations used in the movie include the town of Three Oaks, Michigan, and The Inn at the Old Republic in New Carlisle, Indiana.

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