15 Time-Saving Tips to Smartly Solve Your Everyday Problems

Use a rubber band to remove a screw.

15 Time-Saving Tips to Smartly Solve Your Everyday Problems

If a screw is “worn down” and you need to take it out — put a rubber band between it and the screwdriver to get a better grip.

Clean up a nail polish spill.

Nothing is better on a hot summer day or for a quick cocktail, than lemonade cubes. What are those you ask? They are magic and this is how you make them:

  • Take fresh lemon juice;
  • Sugar to your taste;
  • Make the mixture strong, since it’s going to be diluted with water;
  • Cut the lemon wedges in small pieces;
  • Freeze the mixture with wedges in an ice cube tray.

Now every time you want a refreshing drink — grab a couple of cubes from the freezer, dunk them in water and have a delicious homemade lemonade.

If you do your manicures at home, you know that nail polish spillage is hard to clean up. Hard, but not impossible.

  • Don’t let it sit and dry on your floor or table — clean it right away;
  • Cover the stain with nail polish remover and let it sit for a minute;
  • Wipe with paper towels;
  • If some residue is left, spray hairspray over it and wipe with a paper towel once again;
  • Wash the surface with soapy water afterward.

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