15 Time-Saving Tips to Smartly Solve Your Everyday Problems

Prepare “one-second” lemonade

Nothing is better on a hot summer day or for a quick cocktail, than lemonade cubes. What are those you ask? They are magic and this is how you make them:

  • Take fresh lemon juice;
  • Sugar to your taste;
  • Make the mixture strong, since it’s going to be diluted with water;
  • Cut the lemon wedges in small pieces;
  • Freeze the mixture with wedges in an ice cube tray.

Now every time you want a refreshing drink — grab a couple of cubes from the freezer, dunk them in water and have a delicious homemade lemonade.

Use Velcro to store needles and other small things.

15 Time-Saving Tips to Smartly Solve Your Everyday Problems

As much as Velcro gets to be used in fashion it is usually overlooked as a homeowner’s little helper. With double sided Velcro you can make any surface into a storage of sorts. And if you are into sewing your own clothing — make it a “pin cushion” — just take a piece of Velcro and put your needle through its little loops. It will not only secure them in one place, but also potentially prevent somebody from stepping on a loose needle.

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