15 Time-Saving Tips to Smartly Solve Your Everyday Problems

Put your phone on airplane mode to save battery.

15 Time-Saving Tips to Smartly Solve Your Everyday Problems

All of us have been in this situation once or twice — our phone battery is on its last breath and we have to make a crucial call to our job or a loved one. So to keep what’s left of your phones energy until that time — simply put the phone on airplane mode. This will cut all connections to the internet or GPS and even the processes that run automatically and usually take up a lot of your device’s energy. This tip will save you for sure.

Make a meal prep buffet.

In the era of healthy eating meal prep is no novelty, however, if you have small kids or just love variety in your food and you’re not ready to commit to the same meals for the week, make a version of meal prep that will satisfy your needs.

Make a sort of “premade buffet” — cook up ingredients that you can combine in multiple ways. For example, for the base you can make a simple rice or pasta, then make several sauces that really differ from each other and then make separate toppings, like meat, veggies, and seafood — do not mix any of them. And then you can play “build-a-meal” every day of the week.

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