10 Scientifically-proven Ways to Heal Faster From a C-Section

9. Use pads for vaginal bleeding.

10 Ways to Heal Faster From a C-Section

Even though a cesarean delivery takes the place of a vaginal one, the new mother can still have vaginal bleeding, also known as lochia, during the first month after childbirth as a result. You should use pads to absorb the bleeding. Generally, you should avoid using a douche or tampon, as they could cause an infection unless doing so was prescribed by your doctor. New mothers who have excessive vaginal bleeding, a foul smell, or a fever should contact their doctor as soon as possible.

10. Manage your emotions.

10 Ways to Heal Faster From a C-Section

Giving birth, via cesarean delivery or not, can be an emotionally-taxing process, even in the aftermath since new mothers may feel guilt or shame. If you have these feelings, there are many ways for you to get help with these feelings, like going to a therapist or online support meetings. When it comes to getting help, early intervention and support can prevent the risk of postpartum depression.

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