10 Scientifically-proven Ways to Heal Faster From a C-Section

5. Get plenty of rest.

10 Ways to Heal Faster From a C-Section

Rest is important after any serious surgery and a C-section is no exception. Of course, it’s not easy to get much sleep when you have a newborn in the house. Ideally, a new mother should try to sleep when the child sleeps and get help from loved ones to make time to take a nap. While the workload that comes with tending to a new baby might be overwhelming, rest is just too important for your health to give up.

6. Get support for breastfeeding.

10 Ways to Heal Faster From a C-Section

If a new mother is planning to breastfeed, she should look at getting support if she had a C-section since the procedure has been linked to an increased risk of breastfeeding difficulties. Support comes in many forms like a breastfeeding chair, a special cushion, or even a lactation consultant. All these things can help a new mother successfully breastfeed or even reduce pain.

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